Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Socially Connected???

Apparently, being "socially connected" has taken on a new meaning!!  We have many who sit next to people that they have no interaction with, yet they connect to others all over the world.  How is this seen as being socially connected? Is this the way we want to continue going forward?  I had a few thoughts about this when I was on vacation in Florida recently and witnessed a father and son sitting next to each other and for over twenty minutes they both were on their phones and never said a word to each other.  How sad!! They could have been "socially connected" with each other had they put down their phones!!  I am sure that they both would be shocked to know that they were being observed---but the real issue is when will we wake up and realize that we are really not "socially connected" to those right next to us.

I was driving several years ago with my young adult son when I realized that he had his ear phones on.  I asked him to take them off so that we could talk.  At first he was reluctant--but relented when I asserted that as his mother--it was my car and he needed to obey!!  Who would have thought that I would have to beg him to talk to me.  It became apparent to me then that he lacked the social skills to interact with me because he only knew how to communicate with his hundreds of friends on social media.  He had been doing that for years.  On those "outlets" he had time to think of his answers.  On those "outlets" he could be who ever he wanted to be. On those outlets he never had to talk.  In a conversation with me one on one---he had to think on his feet and actually verbalize his thoughts out loud.  Many have forgotten that God gave us a voice for a reason.  We should talk to each other and allow them to hear the intonation of our words.  We all know that it not what you say/type--its how you say it is what really matters!!  Can you give a hug through a text? Can someone see your smile?  It is necessary to be "socially connected"---but the definition of qualifies as being connected has changed and not for the better.  It is up to us to define it for ourselves before we end up "socially disconnected" with those we say we love.  Are you "socially connected"?

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