Sunday, October 11, 2009

Strong black woman

This blog is in response to a terrible video that is being circulated on Youtube about the "death of blacks." I have copied my response to my FB friend who posted it on his page.

Hi My Friend John: As I define myself as a strong black woman, I hold my head up high knowing that I never bought the lie. I have to say that most of what was depicted by the "white" speaker in this video is not true. The strong black women like myself are never seen or interviewed. As an educated black woman, I recognized quickly that if you ... Read Moremess up by picking the wrong "black man", you should take corrective action and leave him. Strong means that a woman should know that she does not have to depend on any man for her self-worth. Strong means that it is okay to love your man and expect him to do the same. Strong means that you recognize that if any job stresses you to death then you need to find another one. Don't stay and complain--that's weak. Strong means that you train up your children correctly and not wait for a judge to do it for you. Strong means that you don't let other people, black or white tell you what is important to you. No Oprah or Dr. Phil knows what is best for you. Strong is staying in the game especially when things get tough. The best tea comes from hot water. I love to share with young women, that the strong woman they see now comes from many years of development. Many want to play women without first being young ladies. A word to the black man, stay true to your purpose--so many think more of themselves than they ought to. The speaker in the video may need to expand his horizons to meet the 90% of black women who have not bought the lie!!!!

I pray that God allows all women black or white to be strong and courageous in HIM!!!!

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