Wednesday, November 4, 2009


On each day and everyday that God gives us, we must allow ourselves time to breathe. Sounds easy enough, yet many of us are so busy "doing," that there is hardly time to breathe. Is it possible for us to realize that whatever we don't complete today will be there to do tomorrow? I am thankful to God that I have lived long enough to realize that I cannot be so busy that I forget to breathe. It is necessary for us to take time to breathe. This may come in the form of doing something as simple as taking a bubble bath.....yeah, remember when we wouldn't think twice of buying a house without a soaking tub? The purpose of the tub was to take actual tub baths...... What about a picnic in the park, or sitting on the porch or deck and read a book ?? I am being practical regarding the need to breathe. God needs us to be engaged in life, but not so engaged that we don't take time to refresh. To be effective, rest is necessary!!!

Be encouraged today and breathe!!!

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