Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Year New Possibilities???

I know many people who plan every New Year to start new projects or to make new year's resolution. If you are one of those persons, stop for a minute and meditate on how often you did so and failed. There is an old adage that says "if you keep doing the same thing the same way, you cannot expect a different result". Because I heard this some years ago, I decided never to make such declarations. I learned that it was better to purpose in my heart to DO what I can and to pray that I stay in God's will for my life.

The possibilities that we have in a new year are no different from what we have each day. We can do something that we have never done before everyday. We can live each day with purpose. Plan it and then DO it. Stop blaming others for your lack of success but remember those who have helped you if you are successful. Get busy preparing yourself if you haven't already for your next step. Life is truly a journey and preparation makes your journey much more pleasant.

Be prepared and encouraged everyday to walk, run or soar above all the issues of life and keep your focus on enjoying each day---one day at a time.

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