Friday, February 18, 2011

What If?

What if you were told you had one month to live? This prognosis would not include that you were sick in anyway, just that in one month your life would be over. This question may sound ridiculous or impossible, but I suspect that most of us would probably want to change our perspective or do something different from what we are currently doing. I believe that we ought to LIVE like this could be the case. Why do we make long range plans, when we know that tomorrow is not promised to anyone? It is necessary and Biblical to be good stewards over what God has blessed us with, but just how much we should be "saving" should be determined by the plans that you have for your future, not by the plans of others. If your desire is to retire with wealth, then you would need to save very aggressively. But be careful not to spend your entire life saving for the future while not enjoying your "now". If your desire is to provide for your family when you are gone, then by all means, buy a life insurance policy. It is really not wise to pursue "things" or wealth only to leave it all behind when you are gone. If you choose not to pursue things, then you will need to pursue something or better yet someone. I would like to suggest that you pursue the righteousness of God. As you seek righteousness, it will drive you to live peaceably with others. Read God's revelation to mankind- His word, The Holy Bible. Reading it will cause you to live in obedience to God. I found that when I decided to live in "subjection" to God it caused me to humble my-self, my plans, and my wants to God's will. I encourage you as well to lay aside your some of your plans and trust in God to make your journey through life more enjoyable and fulfilling. Try to find time to enjoy the simple things in life. There is but one advantage you and I have over a dead person--we still have hope. Where there is life, there is hope. I certainly do not look forward to death because I am too busy living. Do what I do, stop to smell flowers, look up to see the formation of clouds in the sky. I have begun to watch my husband and daughter as though I am looking into their souls. There is a difference between spending time together and actually enjoying time together. Hug, kiss or smile with those that you love and even with those that you don't because they may need it more than you know. Finally, if you need a hug, kiss or smile ask for it--most people are not mind readers. "You have not, because you ask not." I ask again, "What If" you were told that you had one month to live? What would you do differently?

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