Saturday, September 3, 2011

Complaint Heard, Now let it Go!

It is so easy to find a reason to complain. It is a natural reaction when circumstances don't go our way. If you were to think about it, if things always went our way, we would probably still complain about it. So how about thinking what God hears when we complain---- "RAH, RAH, RAH," He has heard it all by now so all he probably hears is a sound in His ear. He listens anyway, because He is faithful and he loves us. But imagine Him saying back to you "Complaint heard, now let it go". I thought about that very thing this morning. I was complaining and then I realized that it didn't add anything to me by doing so. So, I let it go!! I thanked God for His goodness, His love and His mercy. When things don't go your way, instead of complaining---let it go. Be still and know that God orders the steps of those that He calls. Be Blessed.

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