Monday, November 28, 2011


If you say that you are "blessed", then you must know that "blessed" people don't live selfishly. "Blessed" people know that their blessings come from God and are always thankful and looking forward to sharing their blessings with others. In this Season of giving, those who are "blessed" are expected to give more than they receive. Sharing your blessings is more than just about money and gifts,"blessed" people also share their time, talent and abilities with others. The Bible teaches in Psalm 1, that a "blessed" man follows the laws of God and meditates on the Words day and night. It is impossible to know the Word of God and not strive to live them out. Sharing our God given blessings with others is one way to prove that we know what His Word teaches and that we know that God is the source of it all. His blessings don't ever dry up. WE all should want to live a "blessed" life. Have a great God blessed day.

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