Friday, January 27, 2012


Dear Diary: (This post feels like a Dear Diary post, but I believe that it will help to share it others and besides---I don't have a diary)

Many times I wonder, why are people so unappreciative. It is not so much that you should do anything in order to gain appreciation, but it sure hurts when you do so much for others and they take you for granted. Saying thank you or showing your appreciation will always be welcomed by the person who helped you. I could speak on this subject for years--because it is my greatest pet peeve ever.

It is incredible how those that you have done the most for only remember your telephone number when they need something. This has happened to me so many times that I will just mention the most recent. Someone who I haven't seen in over five years called me to ask a tax question. I did not return her call within one day, so she called a second time. When I said---that it was strange that she found my number only when it is convenient for her, she was taken aback. Really now, do you blame me? I think not. The last time she called me--she reminded me that it was about a tax question three years earlier. In all that time, not once did she return any of my calls to her to say hello. If anyone truly knows me, they would know that I do attempt to keep in touch with my friends.

This post is really about trying to understand what happened to cause others to become un-appreciative toward others? The only way that I can answer this question is by my observations. Somehow many people have become "selfish". They refuse to put others ahead of themselves. It is an attitude of me, myself and I or What's in it for me? Serving others and showing appreciation is not on their agenda. I always think to myself--"how would I feel it this were me?" but I know that most people would never do such a thing. We should however, consider the feelings of others often.

One day my husband and I were out for dinner and we observed an apparent dinner/birthday party. Everyone in the group came to the table with a gift or flowers. We discussed how nice it was to see this. Then we talked about the many "events" where we observed people who were Christians and they didn't show appreciation. They never brought a gift or flowers. Technically, there are those in and outside of Christianity who seemed to have taken up the idea that they don't have to bring anything to a birthday, Anniversary, or Graduation, etc. That is sad because there are few special events that occur where others have an opportunity to show their appreciation so failure to do so is truly unfortunate. Personally, I don't even attend an event if I don't give a gift. I guess I understand the old adage "let them smell their flowers on this side of the dirt." Yes friends, it makes no sense to say wonderful things after someone is gone---tell them while there are alive. We all should show others appreciation by any means necessary, and never miss an opportunity to give a gift when the occasion warrants it. I WOULD LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK OR APPRECIATION--WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT.

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