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It has been awhile since I have blogged.  I lost my inspiration somehow.  For quite sometime I have shared that I was writing a book, an even that was not happening.  I do believe that some call it writers block.  But I am inspired today to get back to doing what I love best--using my words to inspire others as I too am inspired by others.  Today I saw a video posted by rapper, singer, actor, and author Tyrese Gibson.  In the video although a little harsh at times with is graphic language---he spoke to me!!  He inspired me to get myself back into the mix.  What I was doing, was letting others discourage me.  Whether some knew it or not, they would say so many negative things about others and that would cause me to pull away from them. So instead of saying something, writing posts, etc.  I STOPPED being ME!!!  Yes I said it--I let others affect me in such a way that I STOPPED being me.  But then again, I asked myself--Who are you?!!?  Why do you have something to say about anything?  Why should anyone listen to YOU?  And my friends--these questions are not going to be answered by me.  All I can do is hope that those who have taken the time to get to know me or even those who don't would understand that I would rather stay quiet---if only that was who I was.  But it is not who I am!! I am not an introvert---I have never been THAT. 

There are two quotes that I absolutely love----“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” - Edmund Burke. "To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing." - Aristotle   The depth of these quotes mean so much to me!!  Those who sit back and observe the "evil" in the world and do nothing are a part of the problem, not part of the solution.  If we choose to be observers, nothing will ever change.  Of course we must operate from a place of love.  This kind of love comes from God--not self.  Why you may ask would it take a God kind of love?  Because when you advocate for change you will meet opposition.  This opposition will need to know that your actions are not predicated on your need for self-gratification, but because you genuinely want to make a difference. They will soon understand that you are doing something regardless of who gets the credit.  We all know that not everyone will ever agree with US---but that has never stopped thousands of other GREAT people in the past.  Have you ever tried anything that someone told you--you couldn't do?!?  I have, many times.  What I will say is that when you are young, you are fearless---but something happens when we age a little.  That fearlessness weans--we are afraid of failure, we let the criticism of others affect us and then we find ourselves doing nothing!! My friends---Say no to that foolishness.  Let's stop the madness!!!  I recently saw a 90 year old jump out of a plane---she told a reporter after the jump---"I had no fear--the worse that could happen is that I would die."  What is the worst that can happen to us if do something BOLD---we die?!?  Well, you must know that I have no fear of dying.  I got that taken care of when I gave my life to the Lord over 23 years ago.  So that is not a reason for me not to do something BOLD.  According to Tyrese we need to "get out of our own way" (he wrote a book by the same name).  Just imagine that the only person holding us back is us.  We try to blame others, but really the only one person who is responsible for our success or failure is us.  

Many years ago a former Pastor said, "if you don't tell anyone your dreams it is because you don't ever see them coming through."  He suggested that we at least write them down.  So I did as he suggested, but no one has held be accountable until NOW---I am holding myself accountable.  I am going to finish my book, I am going to blog every week, I will remind others that I am a LIFECOACH, I am going to start my online talk show, "Conversations that HEal with Koralee Nisbett" I am going to open a Homeless/Back to Work Job Training Center!!! AND with GOD's HELP I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me---AND SO CAN YOU!!!! Proclaim what it is YOU have dreamed, tell others that you know will inspire you and hold you accountable---(starting with yourself), get busy making you dreams happen, and don't be discouraged!!! Hard work and determination are on the same team. 

Have a blessed week---until next Saturday when I blog again, Stay inspired!!
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