Tuesday, August 26, 2014

We have all come from different backgrounds

We all have come from different backgrounds.  Some have been raised by both of their parents.  Some have had their parents present, but neither were actively involved in their "parenting."  Some were raised by a step-parent.  Some were raised by a single mother or father who did all they could to play the role of both parents.  Some were raised by a grand-parent, aunt, uncle or neighbor.  Some were raised to honor God.  Some were never taken to church.  Some have decided-there is no God. Some were given everything money could buy--but never felt the love of either parent.  Some went without--but felt the love from those who raised them.  Some were abused by a parent.  Some were abandoned by their parents.  Whatever kind of upbringing we received, it is apparent that none of us are the same.  When we comment on subjects and give our opinions we must remember this.  Depending on our background, we "see" things from our point of view.  We must think before we react or respond to things people say or do.  Before we share "news" that is not ours we should think---"Is this something I would want others to share if it were me?"  We may not ever agree with the perspective of others, but that is okay.  This is where "diversity" plays a significant role.  We are all a diverse group of people.  The more we listen, talk, and relate to each other in different ways--we will learn how to "see" each other deeper.  Although we have had different experiences, we are all in need of someone to hear us without trying to fix us or make us change our minds--only God can do that.  Then there are times we need to be open to listening to others who have wisdom and knowledge that can help us. Let's learn to take a deep breath before we HURT others with our words and actions.  We are more than the matter that comes out of our mouth--or the words that we type.  We are so much MORE.  Speaking from my heart--Koralee

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