Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Compartmentalize is a big word with a deep meaning.  There are many who choose each day to segment their lives into compartments.  They say to themselves, "God I love you and I need you, but only in certain areas of my life.  For the areas that I believe I have under control--stand down God." This may sound harsh, and you may not have verbalized these exact words, but in your actions you have demonstrated this.  Either God is the HEAD of your life or HE isn't, but what does that mean?  Either we will be obedient to HIS WORD or we won't!!  If we choose to compartmentalize our lives, we are deciding that God is only for our convenience, instead of trusting Him to guide and direct our footsteps in every way everyday.  How does someone decide that they do not need God in any area of their life?  Do we understand that it is unfair to ignore God's guidance then when there is a problem, we ask Him to fix it?  Why should HE?  No parent reading this would feel respected if our child ignored our teaching only to fall on hard times before seeking our help.  God want us all to be obedient children.  Are there things that you do that would cause God to wink?  Things that would (if it were possible) make God be ashamed that we are HIS children and that HE is our father.  When we compartmentalize, it is easy to habitually sin and not have any remorse.  All believers do still sin, but those who compartmentalize their lives can justify sin in one area of their life and yet believe they are in a right relationship with God. We demonstrate our belief in God when we do our best NOT TO SIN, but if we do--we repent daily and ask HIM to help us not to commit that same sin tomorrow or ever again.  Please consider every area of your life and decide what areas you are leaving God out of.  God deserves our total commitment and devotion.  He is forgiving, merciful and loving.  Choose today to open up every compartment of your life and allow His WORD TO GUIDE YOU IN ALL THINGS.  GOD IS LOVE.  

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