Monday, July 13, 2009

God- Blessed day

Now that we have gotten a little pass all the Michael Jackson drama, I pray that all of you enjoy each day that God gives us.

I have started to breathe a little deeper, laugh a little harder and hug my hubby and daughter harder. Can we stop sweating the small stuff and think of all the kinds things we would say after a person leaves us????? I have already told my husband that if he goes before I do---I have said everything I needed to say. I will have no regrets. Of course I will keep his body in the house for months......that was a joke.

Anyway, I am busy preparing to facilitate a Bible Study on Stephen----Acts 6&7. He was a courageous fellow. He reminds me a little of myself. I am fearless. I had a man try to give me his Christian literature yesterday. I was in a hurry so I told him "no thank you. " He responded: "Many are called few are chosen"-(in a derogatory way). I kept going to my destination and then returned to ask him to repeat himself. He said it again. I asked him what did his statement mean. He said that I was rejecting Christ. This was the most disappointing experience I have ever witnessed. I told him that he should be very careful when he judges people. I told him that he was judging me and didn't know anything about me. I told him that people like him actually keep people from coming to Christ. I informed him that I was on my way to do something important and that is why I had politely told him "no thank you." I also informed him that he was a bad witness. He should never offend people who don't accept Christian literature. I informed him that I was a recent Seminary graduate who was extremely disappointed in his actions. He then told me that he didn't want to hear anything I had to say. I then told him that his talk wasn't lining up with his literature. A true disciple of Christ must live what he preaches. He was ugly and judgmental. I will always believe that if Christ is shared with anyone they have a right to refuse Him. We should never judge them. How disappointed was I to have experienced this on a Sunday afternoon. It was ridiculous.

Keep me in your prayers.

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