Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Through: No Test, No Testimony

I bring you greetings in the name of our Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ and from the state of Connecticut. As my daughter and I were driving to Connecticut, I began to reflect on the abilities of God. It took me a total of 17 hours total to drive first to Maryland then to Connecticut yet it only took God seconds to create the whole world. "Is there anything too hard for God???"

On last Sunday, God used me to preach a sermon entitled "Through: Where there is no test, There is no testimony." The scripture used was Psalm 23. Although this text of Scripture is familiar to most, God allowed me to expose three points of the Psalm. They were, Acknowledge who God is and His abilites -Ps:23:1-3, Affirmation of the evidence - Ps:23:4&5, Acceptance and Conviction to stay in God's will -Ps:23:6. David first acknowledged that God was his shepherd. He knew that God was his Jehovah-Jireh---his provider. He knew who God was and he fully trusted and understood that God was taking care of him. He acknowledged that God was ordering his footsteps. He knew that he would go through-----and that he would fear no evil as he went through----. In the end, he knew that God's goodness and mercy would be with him all the days of his life. What a testimony for us today. No test, No testimony. As we are tested, we must remember that just like Job, we do not know what God is trying to do in our lives. We must seek to understand God's purpose for the test and "lean not unto our own understanding".

Thank you for your prayers as I prepare to preach this Sunday from Luke 16:19-31. The sermon is entitled: "A testimony from Hell"


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