Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Have you ever gotten a message from your Anti-virus Protection(hope you have one?) that said, "Norton detected a problem with the website you were about to visit and it was blocked". This is similar to God's protection. God knows what is bad for us and He sometimes steps in and blocks us from going places that we don't need to go or blocks things that we want to do. He is also working in the background, protecting us from things that we will never ever know! God is however better than "Norton" because we don't have to "pay" for a renewal every year. The ONLY renewal that God requires--is a daily renewal of OUR MINDS. Each day I thank Him for waking me up, clothed in my right mind, and with a reasonable portion of health and strength. I thank Him for His protection throughout the night. I read His revelation to all of mankind--THE HOLY BIBLE. I pray for myself, my family, my friends, and those that HE allows me to come into contact with personally and those who HE places in my spirit. I give the Holy Spirit permission to guide and direct my path for this day, then I ask Him to use ME for HIS GLORY. My purpose for living is to encourage YOU---AND If God is REAL in YOUR life I pray that YOU find yourself doing the same. Have a blessed day.

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