Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Reflection on Presidential Inauguration 2013

I thank God for all who prayed for me and my family for traveling mercies--we arrived back home safely!!  I would also like to this opportunity to share with some of you my reflections.  As I stood outside on the Mall, in the gold ticketed area and looked back at the over one million strong some who were waving American flags---here is what I was thinking about.  In Feb. 2008, I was approached to campaign for Barack Obama--I said yes!! I began by contributing to his campaign, then I participated in registering citizens by knocking on doors.  I was surprised at the feedback of those who had not voted in years!!! Some were convicted felons who thought they could not vote.  If you didn't notice, this was before he was considered having a chance to beat Hillary Clinton, this was before all the blacks and Democrats in my home state of Georgia jumped on the OBAMA bandwagon, this was while many friends and family members were telling me "I was on the losing team".  What I remembered, was a "man" who spoke at the 2004 convention---and a "man" who moved everyone who heard him speak.  He was then selected as the first African-American Senator in 2005.  I was not surprised when he won the Democratic Nomination as some were--because I was in the trenches with Team Obama.  I also was not surprised when he won in 2008 or 2012!!  I was one of the few "black" students at my Conservative Christian Seminary who didn't mind saying publicly that we were voting for him.  I encountered many "blacks" who said they couldn't vote for him and I respected their "choice" then and I still respect the opinion of those who still can't vote for him for various reasons.  When I wrote an email to one of my African-American Professors a few months before the election in 2008, explaining why I was voting for our President Obama he asked if he could share it with all of his colleagues, friends and families and to protect the possible backlash he removed my name. In that email, I didn't mention once that it was because he was black, I did mention that I disagreed with his views on issues of abortion, gay rights, etc. I didn't mention once that I expected him to ride in on a white horse, wave a magic wand and eradicate every problem in America.  What I did state was that based on his choice to serve others through community organization in Chicago, love for his family, his sense of leadership, his intellect, and his ability to inspire others he was the better candidate.  I also wrote then that Barack Obama would become the President to a diverse America, an America made up of various faiths, cultures and races. I was not voting for him to be my Savoir---Jesus has that title and HONOR!!!  I also wrote that the American economy had been run into the ground by Republican administrations and a Democrat was needed to clean the mess up and save America!!  I then reflected on those closest to me in the crowd yesterday: Three white young adults from Chicago, a black man with his white wife from Tennessee, a couple who came from California, two black identical twin sisters, my guest for the day Ms. Harley from the Virgin Islands and my husband and daughter.  All of us interacted with each other as though we were family.  We smiled and celebrated the momentous occasion.  We knew that we were once again witnessing history--for to have him elected once could be seen as pure chance but twice is indeed a miracle.  Finally, as I end my reflection, I must state that I do NOT agree with some of the political views of our President, but there has been no greater supporter of him than I.  While I am truly proud to be an American, my Christian faith in GOD dictates that I although I am "governed" by the U.S. Constitution, I live according to the WORDS of Scripture.  God does not change the Bible like men change the Constitution. Whenever the two conflict, I will ALWAYS follow the BIBLE.  Jesus stated in Matt. 10:28 "And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in Hell". I will not change because America changes.....God does not change HIS mind concerning what HE deems to be SIN. I KNOW what God's mercy affords--Salvation, hope instead of fear, peace instead of turmoil, and love instead of hate.  As we support the President, let us remember that his "appointment" is only temporary but GOD IS ETERNAL....GOD is the LEADER that we must follow---for it is HE who sent HIS son to die so that all who believe in HIM will be saved.  May God continue to bless all of YOU!  Peace.

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